• 19 -22 August 2013 - NUSOD 2013 - Vancouver, CA
    Hands-on 2-hour IPKISS tutorial at the workshop on Numerical Simulation of Optical Devices
  • 5 June 2013 - Design Automation Conference 2013 - Austin, TX, USA
    Pieter Dumon presents the IPKISS framework at the Si2 booth on the DAC exhibition. DAC Conference.
  • 25 May 2013 - IEEE SOPO Conference - Beijing, CN
    Wim Bogaerts presented on silicon photoncis design challenges and the IPKISS framework.
  • 22-23 May 2013 - IPKISS Training at ePIXfab Workshop, - Beijing, CN
    An intensive two-day hands-on training on IPKISS, in relation with an ePIXfab workshop held in Beijing. 
  • 19 April 2013 - SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics - Prague, CZ
    Wim Bogaerts presents an integrated flow for physical and circuit design and simulation using IPKISS. SPIE OOE site
  • 7 December 2012 - IPKISS Training - Sydney, AU
    A half-day hands-on training on IPKISS at the CUDOS Workshop held at University of Sydney. 
  • 8 November 2012 - IPKISS overview at ePIXfab workshop - Frankfurt a/d Oder, D
    Pieter Dumon presented IPKISS as a design solution for ePIXfab users.
  • 28 August 2012 - Group IV Photonics - San Diego , USA
    Presentation on design challenges and IPKISS by Wim Bogaerts.
  • 17 April 2012 - SPIE Photonics Europe - Brussels, BE:
    Public announcement of the open source release of IPKISS at the Photonics Europe Exhibition. Presentation by Pieter Dumon
    SPIE Photonics Europe
  • 28 March 2012 - Photonics Event NL - Nieuwegein, NL:
    Wim Bogaerts presented IPKISS and announced the open-source release of IPKISS
  • 5 December 2011 - Silicon Photonics Forum - Leuven, BE:
    The IPKISS design framework was presented by Pieter Dumon at the Silicon Photonics Forum held in imec. Also a pre-announcement of the open-sourcing of IPKISS.
    The presentation can be viewed in full on the imec web site.
  • 10 July 2010 - EuroSciPy - Paris, F:
    Emmanuel Lambert presents IPKISS at the EuroSciPy conference in Paris.